Where To Find Authentic Tonkatsu in Bangkok

There are a lot of Tonkatsu restaurants in the City of Angels, but finding a good breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet, required a bit of exploration.

The Japanese community in Bangkok have their own favorites, and these are typically small Japanese-run Tonkatsu restaurants at Thonglor area, where Japanese community conglomerate.

As a non-Tonkatsu expert, Maisen とんかつ まい泉 is good enough for me. Originated from Japan, there are five Maisen branches in Bangkok.


Ginza Anzu

Two days ago, I tried Ginza Anzu at Mercury Ville. Anzu あんず is a restaurant that serves authentic Tonkatsu in Ginza Tokyo; it is named Ginza Anzu here.


Fattylicious indeed

D ordered thick slices loin deep-fried set (420 baht), as it contains more ‘fat’ …


Loin deep-fried with marbling

As I am in a  health-conscious mood, I went for loin deep-fried with marbling, special kinjo set (480 baht). Definitely more tender, as recommended by Ginza Anzu’s knowledgeable staff.


Anzu’s salad dressing

We were curious about this white sauce on our table, and were wondering what it’s made of … only to be told that it’s actually a salad dressing .. duh!

What I like best about my meal at Ginza Anzu is their tonkatsu black rice. We were given a choice of rice, white or black. I didn’t get the full explanation (as it was in Thai), but it was something about it being an imported rice from Japan. Japanese has this way of “something simple, yet oh-so-delicious”.

In my humble opinion, the black rice, is uniquely Anzu, and what makes it stands apart from Maisen.


Do give it a try at:

Ginza Anzu


Mercury Ville

3rd Floor, The Mercury Ville@Chidlom (BTS Chidlom)

(Note: The Mercury Ville is located directly at the Chidlom BTS station, exit 4 has a sky bridge connection to the mall and Ginza Anzu is the first restaurant on your left).


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