Weekend bbq at Tui & Meaw

Definitely one of my favourite’s weekend outings here in Bangkok. Despite not understanding most part of D’s conversation with his friends, I’ve grow accustomed to it, and vice versa that D’s friends are used to me keeping silent most of the time.

A smaller scale of bbq (in fact, this is more pan-grilled) vs. the one that I am used to back home. Nevertheless I am happy with D’s marinated beef and his first attempt at mango curry ala Sri Lanka style. I didn’t prepare my signature asparagus wrapped with bacon, but replaced asparagus with straw mushroom instead.

Our pan-grilled  spread
Our pan-grilled spread

Saliva drooling, and tummy growling

YL's signature asparagus wrapped with bacon
YL’s signature asparagus wrapped with bacon
So Tui passed us an envelope to be delivered to his cousin. And I was asked to read out the name on the envelope (sooo typical of D).

บ่อว ?
I got it wrong. K.บ่อว, I spelled. But no, it’s K.บ่อง. Sometimes, in some Thai people’s handwriting, the loops are reduced so it’s difficult for foreigners. In addition to the no spaces between words, no commas reading challenge that we are already struggling with, we also have to guess illegible handwriting sometimes 😉.