Watch Out For The Biggest Elephant In Bangkok!

Elephant Tower (ตึกช้าง), a building that never fails to bring a smile to my face, every time I pass by it.

The building has 3 towers (A,B and C), 32 floors and is 102 metres (335 ft) high, and it was completed in 1999. The building is used as a condominium and office space, and also has retail / shopping area. I have not been there myself, these are the info I found on internet.

I remember my niece saying that the elephant is weird, it has 3 legs. I was too slow to come up with an explanation back then, but hey it’s basically the elephant’s trunk, and two set of legs (I think). It also has eyes, tusks and ears.

Come say hello, if you are within the vicinity of Chatuchak. It beats watching elephant show or even riding an elephant, anytime. That’s elephant mistreatment, by the way. And you should not do it.

Or better still, stay at the wacky building, at Iyarin Hotel @ Tuk Chang’s website is here.

View from Union Mall pedestrian bridge

The building is also visible from Union Mall/Central LadPhrao pedestrian bridge.


Direction from MRT Phahon Yohtin

Elephant Tower (ตึกช้าง)

Address: 369/38 Phaholyothin 26 Chatuchak Bangkok 10900

Nearest MRT: Phahon Yohtin (1.5km walk, approx 20 minutes)



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