A Rave Review For Tom Saap Hotpot At Shabu Hoodum

Tom Yum hotpot (or steamboat) is a taste familiar to many Malaysians. Tom Saap (ต้มแซบ) hotpot is like Tom Yum hotpot, but a gazillion times better!


Shabu Hoodum’s entrance


Located above Tesco Lotus


I had my first Tom Saap hotpot at Shabu Hoodum (ชาบูหูดำ), at Huay Kwang. I always have Tom Saap as a soup … who would have thought of using Tom Saap as soup base for hotpot? Pure genius!

I have been introducing Tom Saap to my non-Thai friends for a while now. For the uninitiated, Tom Saap is a spicy Northeastern soup dish. A soup that has grown on me, and is the Thai soup I consume the most in Thailand now. It has got more kick, and pack a punchful of spicylicious and sourlicious flavour.

Ingredient-wise, it is similar with tom yum : shallot, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, etc. but, I think tom saap is more herby and has a stronger flavour.


4 types of soup, add 25 baht for 2 soup base


There are 4 types of soup ay Shabu Hoodum. We ordered 2 soups: tom saap and pork bone broth, and paid additional 25 baht for it.


Buffet menu




Pitiful 3 pieces of shrimp per serving


Buffet is priced at 299 baht per pax. There is a time limit of 1.5 hours, but the staff told us that they are not strict with the time limit enforcement.


Thanks Chef D

The best thing about shabu shabu is bf doing the ‘cooking’ all the time … thank you, thank you.


The art of Thai dipping


My dipping

What is shabu shabu, without dipping, right? Gone were the days that bf mix the dipping for me. I still fail to get the balance right. Mine is always not as good as his.


Love their rice berry


I love it that Shabu Hoodum has rice berry in their menu. Bf read that this place is own by a local celebrity, แท่ง ศักดิ์สิทธิ์ Saksit Tangtong and his image is of healthy-image; the inclusion of rice berry. Hooray to healthy-image!


Do give Shabu Hoodum a try!


Shabu Hoodum (ชาบูหูดำ)

707, Samsennok Huaykwang

Tel: 095-729-8118, 084-492-2654

Business hours: 12:00-24:00

Their Facebook page here


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