The infamous Thai alphabet อักษรไทย

Thai has alphabet with symbols for 44 consonants (พยัญชนะ) and 32 vowels (สระ), and four tone marks with five sound (วรรณยุกต์).

It’s a beautiful script really, though it was hard in the beginning. I recognize most of the alphabets now, although I am still confused with some of the consonants as they look alike, such as พฟผฝ.  As for my Thai handwriting, it is still nowhere close – not doing justice to the beautiful script, and my childish handwriting always make แฟน smile.

My (childish) Thai handwriting

Recognizing the alphabet, and reading it is a different story. Thai is a tonal language, there are invisible vowels, sound will change according to the final consonant, there are no spaces between words, no commas, etc.

At this phase of my life in the kingdom, reading skill is something that I would like to learn. As for writing skill, hmmm .. let’s conquer one thing at a time, shall we?