Thai’s Banana Saga: Siam Banana vs CP Banana

Tokyo Banana probably needs no introduction. A popular banana custard filling sponge cake from Japan, that has reached international fame.

End of last year, ‘local version‘ inspired by Tokyo Banana was launched in the Kingdom. And it became a drama, that I thought fitting for a movie plot.

A local bakery concocted recipe for the banana custard filling sponge cake. Knocked on the door of CP, wanting to sell it at their 7-Eleven stores (biggest network in the country). It seemed that CP showed interest, and also asked for the recipe. Well, it went along something the line of helping this local bakery to improve their recipe, help with packaging, yada, yada.


CP Banana

 Not long after that, CP’s version of the snack hit 7-Eleven stores. Nicer packaging, at a cheaper price. And Siam Banana’s distribution point was slashed.

All above are hearsay, and I did not personally verify the news. The injustice went viral, and there was a call to boycott 7-Eleven for five days on Nov 7th last year.

Tracking down Siam Banana was no easy feat. In contrary, CP Banana is sold everywhere at 7-Seven.

Having tried CP Banana few times before, I gotta admit thar I do enjoy it. Not crazy about it, but good as a cheap snack. Their retail price is THB12 per piece, with a shorter shelf life (means fresh).


Siam Banana

 We finally found Siam Banana at Pure Place. It is sold at 4 pieces per box, THB 120. Their shelf life is also longer (about 2 weeks). The latter is probably due to logistic issue. I think it doesn’t taste as fresh as CP Banana.


THB 140 on AirAsia’s flight

 Flying in from Kuala Lumpur two weeks ago, I saw that Siam Banana is available on AirAsia’s flight, so do support them 🙂

CP Banana wins hands down on pricing, taste and availability. How to fight lah like that?

Read more about the saga here.

p/s – Updated May 2016: CP Banana have also launched new mango-flavoured custard cake, read more here … and also here for some handy tips on buying the popular snack.


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    i love CP bananas 😉

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      My siblings now too … ok, will get some for you k?

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