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Thailand Tourist Scam: Foreign tourist given a 8,840 baht for a meal that included a 800 baht tip

Photo credit: Bangkok Post

This story is making headline news in Thailand now. This is one of the best known scams in Thailand and yet, everyday dozens of tourists fall for it. The large tip of 800 baht was most likely commission for the taxi driver.

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Travel scams are everywhere, can catch us off-guard and ruin our holidays. I normally read up beforehand for scams that I need to watch out for in my destination.

Thanks to pre-read, I managed to avoid the ‘friendship bracelet’ scam at Montmarte, Paris in 2008. Montmarte is a notorious hotspot for this scam. In the so-called ‘bracelet scam’, crooks tie string to a tourist’s finger or wrist and weave it into a friendship bracelet, and then order the tourist to hand over money in return.

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