Thai food customization ain’t nothing I have seen before

I ain’t seen nothing like Thai food customization. Ordering here gives me cold sweat. I once declared “I hope that one day I am fluent enough to order food delivery here!”

You gotta watch this Nelson Howe video to understand the meaning of Thai food customization. He rose to fame when his Thai swear words video went viral last year, don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂

I can only order the basic dishes here at local food stall. Chicken rice, egg noodle soup with dumpling, rice with basil minced pork, etc … And I always fear questions …. I always silently pray for divine intervention … please just give me what I want. I am a simple girl. I don’t need more vegetables, less fat, more spring onions, more gravy. Nada. Nothing. Just give me a regular pack of noodle or rice and I am happy. Whether minced pork, or sliced pork, or pork belly …. anything. It’s ok. Mai pen rai. I just want something to fill my tummy. 

Ordering at local food stalls still give me cold sweat, and I ain’t joking about it.

What triggered this post was my humble chrysanthemum tea, a perfect natural coolant to lower the body temperature in current hot weather. On my way home earlier, I went to pack chrysanthemum tea at a local restaurant just 1 minute away from home. Simple enough, so I was pretty sure that I can wing it without D’s help. 

At the point of packing, restaurant’s staff asked me one question, giving me two options with a long string of mumble jumble Thai words. I understand neither and just replied one word that I understood.

This is what I got: one pack of ice and two packs of chrysanthemum tea. 

So you see … even packing a humble chrysanthemum tea for two, you have the option to customize the packing method:

  1. Instant drinking, with ice pack together with the drinks
  2. To consumer later, with ice pack separately from the drinks 

Perhaps they also asked whether I want the two drinks to be packed in one bag as another layer of customization.

On hindsight, I should have just bought the bottled version, but the fresh one tastes so much better.