A Thai Birthday Celebration For My Awesome Possum Cherry Blossom Niece

Nieces were in town, and the doting aunt in me did a happy somersault backflip .. woohoo yay yipee . “Nothing but the best CAKE” motto is deeply ingrained in me, so much so that I went in search of a yummylicious cake for my niece’s belated birthday celebration in Bangkok. A birthday cake is not just a cake; it’s my way of showing my love, I guess.

Happy Birthday ZE

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, cakes in Thailand are mostly all looks, but taste mediocre. I did what I had to do .. BTS+MRT to get a cake worthy of my awesome niece. Well, I would have done the same in KL, but of course with a car.

That brought me to 2 places: NYCC New York Cheesecake and Custard Nakamura.


NYCC New York Cheesecake

NYCC New York Cheesecake cake shelves at Tops
New York Cheesecake

New York Cheesecake at NYCC New York Cheesecake was my first choice, but 1,000 THB for a whole cake was just too expensive for jobless-me. Buh-bye .. till next time.


NYCC New York Cheesecake
Tops Market Branch Central Rama 9
Tel: 081 733 7623
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NYCC.thailand/
Business hours: 10:00AM-21:00PM
Nearest MRT: Phra Ram 9, Exit 2


Custard Nakamura

Custard Nakamura
Only one Custard Nakamura in Thailand
Custard Nakamura’s cake shelves
Custard Nakamura whole cake pricing

My second choice is a cake, any cake from Custard Nakamura, for Japanese cakes won’t go wrong with the girls. Lucky me, for they have Strawberry Shortcake  .. 630 baht for a 15cm Strawberry Shortcake and I got a very happy birthday girl. Perfecto!

สุขสันต์วันเกิด birthday message on choc disc
Niece loves the Thai words on her birthday cake

I read customers complaints of the service at Custard Nakamura on their FB here. I thought that staff are not immaculate, but not too bad. The bakery can write birthday message on the cake, on top of a chocolate disc. I asked them to write Happy Birthday in Thai … after they are done with the writing, the staff asked me to double check the name  .. and even shown interest in the short name. Btw, it’s an abbreviation as niece’s name is rather long ..

Ice packs to keep the cake cool

After hearing that I’ll be traveling quite a distance to Lat Phrao with the cake, the staff automatically put in some ice packs to keep the cake cool. She was apologetic that knife is chargeable at 20 baht, but told me that candles are free.

Many customers on Saturday – a mix of local Thai and foreigners
Sandwich selection
Sandwich and hamburger
Fat-die-me cream puff

They also sell bread and pastries and I got Butter roll beef (41 baht), Chinjou Rosu, aka green pepper steak bun (42 baht), a hamburger (58 baht) and cream puff (45 baht) for bf and I.


Custard Nakamura
Sukhumvit Soi 33/1, Bangkok 10110
Tel: 02 259 9630
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Custard-Nakamura/161803177191817
Business hours: 09:00AM-21:00PM
Nearest BTS: Phrom Phong, Exit 5


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