Our Home Has Been Blessed … New Year Tamboon Baan Merit Making

Our condo building had a merit making ceremony over the weekend. Tamboon baan, a merit making ceremony for the home (baan = home), for everything-good in the year ahead. Tamboon baan is also held when one move into a new house, or when the need arises.

Shoo the bad, come the good.


Tamboon baan ceremony notice


I woke up bright early, as 7.00am was the indicative time at the notice board.


@ 6.50am, hello, where is everybody?

6.50am, and I went down to our condo lobby. Too early. Only staff around, busy with preparation work. In addition to the tamboon baan ceremony, there was also a separate event, our condo’s Annual General Meeting. The staff were busy setting up the place, and also preparing food. Crystal-clear gender separation: only females were tasked with food prep.


The chopping has begun




I was roped into helping on food preparation. So there I go … chop, chop, chopping spring onions and corianders. I was the only resident helping, the rest are all staff. And I am a foreigner somemore. Go figure.


Offerings to god and spirit

Pig head, feet and tail spiritual offering


7.35am, and chopping work completed. Still no sign of the tamboon ceremony starting anytime soon. I was told that the ceremony will start before 8am.

5 minutes before 8am, and the monks arrived.


Somehow … it feels peaceful & serene


Praying session


The chanting lasted for about half an hour or so. I put my hands together in a praying-like gesture, like the locals.


Having meal prepared for them


And then the monks had their meal for 15 minutes or so.


Bestowing ‘gifts or offerings’ to the monks


After the meal, the monks were given ‘gifts or offerings‘ as a sign of appreciation. These items were daily necessities for the monks, and red packets were also given. These gifts were all bundled up, and kept in big-sized plastic bags, for the monks to bring back to their temple.

After gift-giving, the chanting continued for another 10 minutes.


Blessssss you, you and you


The head monk then proceed to bless the residents, and condo with holy water. Splassshhh … I came back to our room, excited like a child, “our home is blessed!”


The monks leaving after ceremony, with ‘gifts or offerings’ secured on top of the van


Not many residents participated in the ceremony, around 10+ people altogether. During the ceremony, people slowly trickling in. Given that the ceremony is held at our condo premise itself, there is no reason to be late, no? Show some respects to such an auspicious ceremony please.

Everyone seemed to be know what to do, when to help, etc … part and parcel of Thai’s traditional customs.

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