Suvarnabhumi Airport On New Year’s Eve

We braced ourselves for heavy road traffic and also Suvarnabhumi airport congestion, traveling abroad on the eve of the New Year for 2016 New Year countdown at Hong Kong.

But it was such a breeze. That, perhaps, could be due to our wee hours of the morning flight.

We booked ourselves into a 2am flight on 31 Dec, flying with Cathay Pacific from Bangkok to Hong Kong. The fare was (of course) cheaper, comparing with other flight schedule. We thought that we could possibly catch a wink of sleep on board, to follow with a nap after check-in at Hong Kong hostel.

Credits must be given when it’s due, and I thought that we should take our hats off to both Cathay Pacific’s ground staff and also Suvarnabhumi Airport’s staff and Immigration officers on duty. These people were on duty on the eve of New Year, for us, okay?

Our check-in at Cathay Pacific counter took half an hour, and immigration clearance only 10 15 minutes.


Cathay Pacific check-in counter


“People mountain, people sea” (人山人海)

Around 11pm, there were long lines at CX check-in counter. We didn’t do online check-in, so we had to join the queue ooops.

There were altogether 8 CX check-in counters at Suvarnabhumi Airport: 2 Business Class, 1 Self Check-in baggage drop and 5 Economy Class.

Blessed the ground staff, for directing passengers to the Business Class and Self Check-in Baggage Drop counters, when counters are available. That helps to speed up the check-in process, for the Economy Class passengers (me included). Half an hour is considered a miracle, given the long line.


Priority seats at the left, close to the boarding gate

I was also pleasantly surprised that the priority seating section in the gate lounge area,was empty. Kudos to my fellow passengers on CX 706 from Bangkok to Hong Kong on 31 Dec 2015! Most of them made a conscious effort, to leave these seats to those deserving (elderly, disabled or pregnant passengers). It was only closer to boarding time, that some (undeserving) passengers took up those seats. They missed my evil eye look.


Immigration clearance process


Silky smooth immigration clearance

The immigration clearance, from screening to passport check took only 10 15 minutes. There were many passengers, but not as many as I anticipated. Perhaps it was a smart choice after all, flying at 2am in the morning.

So, do consider flying at wee hours in the morning during travel peak period.

And as what Thai people always say, jai yen yen ใจ เยน เยน, i.e. [to be] calm ; cool ; cool-headed.


Travel opens up a whole new world, which is cliche but true. I am a strong advocate for independent and solo travel. I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but now live in Bangkok, Thailand, resulted from a chance encounter in 2009 with my why-are-you-Thai bf. I am now split between two countries. One country for my bf, another for the family, for the occasional weekend together.

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