Supercharge Your Bathroom With Beautiful Handcrafted Basin

SCG Experience at Crystal Design Centre (CDC) always have something interesting going on.


Cat Celebration

Cat Folks
I chanced upon COTTO “Cat Walk collection” on a lazy Saturday afternoon. It had me going oooh and aahh, oogling after …. handcrafted basins. Haha. Basins.


Crystals from Swarovski

See the crystals?
The arty-farty cutie basins have two selling prices: 15,900 baht and 25,900 baht. Those with Swarovski crystals are retailing at the higher price. 

Looking for new way to brighten up your home? Owning a handcrafted basin would be so cool.

Don’t have much info, as info on SDC Experience’s Facebook here is in Thai. Staff there also speaks Thai.

Pictures speak a thousand words – so enjoy, folks.


Cat Wander – Traveller (15,900 baht)
Cat Wander – Traveller
Cat Hobby – Musician (25,900 baht)
Cat Hobby – Musician
Cat Hobby – Baker, reminds me of Cupcake-Quin
Cat Hobby – Baker
Cat (Walk)
Cat (Walk) Chubby Chammy – 15,900 baht
Cat (Walk) Chubby Kid Cat II – 15,900 baht
Cat (Walk) Travel Writer – 25,900 baht
Cat (Walk) Travel Writer
Cat Celebration
Cat Celebration


SCG Experience CDC

1444 Praditmanutham Rd, (Ekamai-Ramindra)

Klongchan Bangkapi Bangkok 10240 


SCG Contact Center Tel: +66 25862222


Opening hours: 10.00am-7.00pm


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