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1 Weekend, 2 Shabu-Shabu

2 shabu-shabu buffet over 1 weekend, this is what happens when the man is a shabu-shabu freak. Luckily, shabu shabu is similar to Malaysia’s steamboat, so I ain’t complaining.

These 2 shabu-shabu joints are ‘foreigner-friendly’, with either picture-menu (at Shabu Indy) or English-text (at Shabu Shabu Nang Nai) menu. No English spoken though.

Out of these two restaurants, my vote goes to Shabu Shabu Nang Nai.

Out of the many shabu-shabu restaurants that I have tried, I still prefer our regular Burendo Shabu and the non-nonsense old-school Suki restaurant Ruen Petch.

Shabu Indy ชาบูอินดี้ , Ladprao 12

Shabu Indy

Shabu Indy ชาบูอินดี้ is one of the shabu-shabu chains in the Kingdom, possibly less well-known among tourists. Shabu Indy opened at Ladprao (opposite Big C Extra) few months ago, and we have been wanting to try it.

239 baht buffet, eat-fat-me

239 baht, is ridiculously cheap for buffet. Do take note that some items are excluded from the list; chargeable .. so, we only stick with the ‘free’ menu. Picture-menu makes it easy for non-Thai.

Waiting will be kept at minimum
First platter

What I like about this place is that they have a platter ready for all tables. With this, you can start eating and order add-ons later. They also include some of the chargeable items in this first platter, such as shrimp dumpling, mussels and egg.

Subsequent orders

We got a small stack of plates for our subsequent orders.

He mixes the best dipping sauce !

Shabu shabu is like the ‘new-steamboat’ for me. I have sort of forgotten how the dipping sauces back home look like. Lucky me, that bf mixes dipping sauce for me, which always tastes better than mine.

Nearest MRT: Lat Phrao exit 2, walk for 7-9 minutes (700 meters)

Shabu Shabu Nang Nai ชาบู ชาบู นางใน, Union Mall, 4th floor

Update July 2022: Shabu Nang Nai is no longer in operation

One day after our meal at Shabu Indy, the man told me that he wanted to eat shabu shabu .. again! And off we go …

Shabu Shabu Nang Nai

This place has been in his checklist for a long time, because his uncle likes the food here. Their buffet is at 329 baht, more expensive than  Shabu Indy. Ask for refillable Chinese tea .. it’s free!

English order sheets are available too!

No picture-menu, and the order sheet is in Thai. Staff provided the English order sheets upon request. The English order sheet is not exactly the same, in terms of numbering, and also some missing items, so bf had to match what I want, in the Thai version.

Under-staff, but staff was efficient

I thought that they were under-staff, but most of them work at fast-pace.

Eggy soup

Since bf doesn’t like the taste of eggs, I cracked the egg on my bowl, for my share of eggy soup. Yumz!

A different dipping sauce at Shabu Shabu Nang Nai

Spring onions, has got people going gaga at Shabu Shabu Nang Nai. Add spring onions, garlic and chili, to vinegar dipping sauce. And this, my man, sets Shabu Shabu Nang Nai apart from other shabu-shabu chains.

Nearest MRT: Phahon Yohtin, exit 5


Travel opens up a whole new world, which is cliche but true. I am a strong advocate for independent and solo travel. I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but now live in Bangkok, Thailand, resulted from a chance encounter in 2009 with my why-are-you-Thai bf. I am now split between two countries. One country for my bf, another for the family, for the occasional weekend together.