Satisfied my craving for authentic Thai food!

My Thai food craving has successfully been tamed last weekend, after almost two weeks back in Bangkok.

Two local neigbourhood restaurants at Lat Phrao did the job:

Aroi Naenon Restaurant, MRT Phahon Yohtin
Aroi Naenon – packed on a Saturday night!
  • Aroi Naenon อร่อยแน่นอน, located one (MRT) station away from where I stay, at MRT Phahon Yohtin, exit 4.

Dtam Bag Nawan (MRT Lat Phrao)
  •  Dtam Bpag Nawan ตำปากนวาน, a fairly new restaurant, few hundred meters away from our place. (Update March 2017: The restaurant is permanently closed)

Both restaurants serve Isaan (Northeastern) cuisine. I think Isaan region has the best food in Thailand. Just like Penang, for Malaysia.

Grilleeeeeeeeeeed weekend

Thai love their grilled and roasted stuffs. Or perhaps, my bf has a thing for grilled food? I had two grilled dishes in two days. We had both D’s favorites: grilled seabass with salt ปลาเผา at Aroi Naenon, and roasted chicken ไก่ย่าง at Dtam Bpag Nawan. No complains, since both were fingerlicking-licious.

Grilled chicken, ala Tandoori way

The cooking process of the roasted chicken at Dtam Bpag Nawan reminds me of tandoori chicken. Roasted juicy chicken thigh in a ceramic urn @ THB 70/piece.

I was really contented with the meals, as both restaurants serve tangylicious som tam. Was not a som tam fan, but is now a convert. I’ve grown used to som tam’s taste, after all these years.

Yumz – the other dishes we had at Aroi Naenon

D loves the grilled fish at Aroi Naenon, but I like the ‘lain-lain‘ (others). He ordered his regular grilled seabass, and grilled beef. Whilst I opted for ‘tom saap‘ ต้มแซบ and som tam bpuu.

Yeah, I no longer order tomyum in Thailand. Give me ‘tom saap‘ anytime. It has got more kick, and pack a punchful of flavour. Tom saap is a spicy Northeastern soup. Normally comes with soft pork ribs, but D ordered beef version.

Som Tam bpuu is a Thai green papaya salad with brined rice paddy crabs. These are not marine crabs, but local salted black crabs (ricefield crab) found in the flooded ricefields and canals. (Source: Wikipedia).

Som tam with green mango and dried anchovies

 At Dtam Bpag Nawan, I asked to try a new type of som tam . So, D ordered Som Tam mamuang pla haeng thot, a variation with green mango and dried anchovies for me to try. Love it.


Grilled pork with dressing

 He also ordered nam tok moo น้ำตกหมู, grilled pork with dressing, as we had to wait 15 minutes for our chicken.

  Aroy maaak, very delicious. These type of authentic Thai dishes, are only available in Thailand.


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