Spending more than 1,000 baht for food from home

Life ain’t no bed of roses, you take the thorns and you make do. But, a bowl of assam laksa sorts of fix everything, or doesn’t it? I was even toying with flying to Penang just for a bowl of assam laksa. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I gave Sambalacha Cafe Bangkok by Uncle Pang another go.

Sambalacha menu

I first heard about Sambalacha from a Malaysian friend, and I supported them when they had a booth in Siam Paragon in 2014. Back then, their nasi lemak with chicken rendang (100+ baht) failed to impress. It was good, but not great. They subsequently opened an outlet at I’m Park mall, which is now closed down. On their Facebook page, mentioned that only do home delivery now (they are based in Bangna). I have been seeing their menu (sans price) on their Facebook Page, and thaaaat magic word, aka assam laksa, does the trick for me.

Order via LINE chat

Calling them on 063 929 5615, I was asked to contact them via LINE … why not say on their page lah? Order, confirm address (as it affects delivery cost) and transfer money. After placing my order, I was given their quotation .. expensive, but I decided to splurge on some food from home.

228 baht from Bangna to Latphrao

Their food price doesn’t include delivery, they use Lalamove delivery service and it’s on COD (Cash on Delivery) payment method.


The damage

Food price



Assam Laksa 270 baht

x2 = 540 baht

Nasi Lemak with Beef Rending 270 baht

x1 = 270 baht

Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball set 300 baht

x 1 = 300 baht

1,110 baht

228 baht

1,338 baht

27.50 baht = RM 33.50.


The delivery process

Lalamove moto driver
1,110 baht worth of food, and many plastic containers

I said 11-1.30AM, and Lalamove arrived around 11.30AM. And food was still lukewarm and all wrapped up properly. Thumbs up!


The verdict

Nicely packed
Where is my bunga kantan and mint leaves?

Assam laksa – and it says Penang Assam Laksa on their menu. Penang is a dangerous word, as it means the real deal. Missing ingredients .. bunga kantan is not available here, well, I can understand that … but at least give me my mint leaves.

Too little broth
Close .. but not the real deal (type of noodle)

Too little broth, wrong type of noodle, and broth is not at the perfect consistency. But it’s still passable for regular hawker fare, at 5-star hotel price.

Nasi lemak with beef rendang

Nasi lemak with beef rendang – Yay to the banana leaf, but the rice is not fragrant enough. Beef rendang is good, but somehow there’s that little something missing in the paste.

Hainanese chicken rice ball set

Hainanese chicken rice ball set – is a big no-no, from the chicken’s texture, taste to the accompanied vegetable (who does broccoli for chicken rice?), and the too-big rice ball.


So, will I order again? Yes, when I am desperate 🙂



Sambalacha Cafe Bangkok by Uncle Pang
Tel. 063 929 5615
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unclepangnasilemakbkk/


Travel opens up a whole new world, which is cliche but true. I am a strong advocate for independent and solo travel. I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but now live in Bangkok, Thailand, resulted from a chance encounter in 2009 with my why-are-you-Thai bf. I am now split between two countries. One country for my bf, another for the family, for the occasional weekend together.

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