Safety in Bangkok: Lat Phrao 101

The most common question I get here is “How do you like Thailand vs. Malaysia?” 

I normally rattle off the standard answers: people are nice, food is good, yada yada yada.

Sometimes, I also touch on the safety component. I like it that I feel safe here, that I don’t need to be always on my toes. I don’t feel safe back home: don’t feel safe on the streets, in the car, at home. I was sick of being paranoid all the time back in Malaysia.

In Thailand, I take less precautions even though I am still observant of my surroundings. I feel safe walking on the streets and even taking MRT home late night by myself. I leave valuable things in the car such as camera and my bag is on my lap. Sometimes, we even sleep with balcony door unlocked. 

I heard snatch theft cases are on the rise, but never witness one myself. So generally, I feel safe …. until ……

Last weekend, D and I sent Aunt Art home after lunch. We went inside her house, and left our car unlocked outside porch. She did a customary check whether we locked our car. Upon hearing that we did not, she exclaimed “it’s not safe” and quickly rushed out with D to check / lock the car. 

Wow! This is like back home. 

Aunt Art lives in a neighbourhood with the highest crime rate in Bangkok. According to a list compiled by the Metropolitan Police Bureau, Lat Phrao 101 is the riskiest area, i.e. highest crime rate in Bangkok. And yes, Lat Phrao 101 is where she stays.