Reminiscing Paris at Paul’s Bakery in Bangkok

I went bonkers over Paul Boulangerie in Paris seven years back. Since then, I always made it a point to visit Paul whenever I was in Singapore, the closest Paul to Malaysia.


 I was over the moon, when Paul opened in Bangkok in October 2014. After their opening in Bangkok, I have been there for meal twice. Twice in a year, that’s all, as Paul has lost its mojo for me.

I had an enjoyable first meal, when I was there earlier this year. It was just okay, nothing earth-shattering.


(Miserable) complimentary bread
D’s seabass fillet


My duck confit

 My second visit took place few days ago with D. We had seabass fillet (480 baht) and duck confit (420 baht). My duck confit was quite dry, and tasted nothing like I imagined it to be. D’s seabass fillet was just okay.

After my second visit, I am officialy no longer crazy about Paul. 

A French friend told me that Paul is a chain bakery; not as good as when they first started. And French wouldn’t eat there. In France, there are amazing French bakeries everywhere – on almost any corner, so most French think that Paul is an overrated chain bakery. Mediocre food, at an expensive price tag.

Perhaps only desserts and breads at Paul; no more meals for me.


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