New Airport LimoBus Express To Khao San and Lumpini

I chanced upon the new LimoBus service at Don Mueang International Airport, and a staff told bf that the bus has been operating for 3 months.

The 2 routes
Khao San route
Lumpini Park route

They provide 2 routes: Khao San Road (KSR) and Lumpini Park. The KSR route is a direct route, and the Lumpini Park route will have 2 stops: Phloenchit first, and final stop at Lumpini Park.

Direct – Khao San Road

There was a notice indicating the roads and even a temple, I assumed these are the roads or attractions that the bus will pass by, or possibly stop?

There is a bus every 1 hour interval. From Don Mueang airport, first bus will leave at 09.30 and the last one is at 00:40. On the other hand, the first bus to leave Khao San and Lumpini Park will be at 04.00 and the last one is at 20.30.


LimoBus booth at Gate 5, Arrival Hall
You can board the bus at Gate 5 Arrival Hall, at Terminal 1at Don Mueang International Airport. To buy ticket, you need to go to Gate 14 Arrival Hall, at Terminal 2. Life is complicated, isn’t it?

150 baht is a fair price, especially to KSR. It is more expensive than Airport Bus + MRT combination, but bear in mind that the MRT does not go anywhere near to KSR itself. God forbid songthaew, tuk-tuk or taxi, from MRT station to Khao San. You will be lucky if they use meter, and not fall into any scams.

See the fare estimate below:

  • Airport Bus A1 from Don Mueang to MRT Chatuchak Park: 30 baht
  • MRT from Chatuchak Park to Hualamphong: 42 baht
  • Estimate taxi ride 3.5km-4km from MRT Hualamphong to Khao San road: 80 baht
  • Approximately 150 baht

As for the Lumpini Park route, you can easily take the Airport Bus + MRT /BTs combination, at approximately half the fare.

For more info, here is Limobus’s website, or call center 099 1918800.


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