Mexican (Food) With Mission At Zambrero

We stopped by at Zambrero last week for a taco snack, post-dinner.


Lots of veges

Zambrero’s menu
Zambrero serves Mexican fast-food .. taco, burrito, nachos, chikita, quesadillas and dow capas.

Mexican is a type of cuisine that has yet to catch on in the Kingdom. This explains the reason  why there were predominatly foreigners (me included) dining there.


D’s taco
D is probably one of the few Thais in the country, that is more adventurous in trying out new cuisines.


Mexican with a mission
Zambrero support humanitarian project in Australia, Africa, Asia and the Americas, helping stop hunger, one plate at a time through the ‘Plate 4 Plate’ initiative. For every burrito or bowl purchased at Zambrero, a meal is donated to someone in need in these continents. Eat and give back to the society!



Nice interior
Check them out on level 6, Beacon Zone at CentralWorld.


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