Things Your Guide Book Doesn’t Tell You: Merlion Statue in Benjakiti Park, Bangkok

Pop quiz: It is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, and it is used as Singapore mascot and national icon of sorts. What is it? Yes, you got it right … It’s the MERLION. The Merlion is one of the ‘obligatory’ must-have tourist snapshots, as it is a major tourist attraction in Singapore. It was mentioned here that one in five tourists will go to the Merlion Park when they are in Singapore.

Benjakiti Park
Peace and serene at Benjakiti Park

Hands up, how many of you knew that The Merlion also exists out of Singapore? Let me tell you this … the Merlion’s other home is in Benjakiti Park (สวนเบญจกิติ), in Bangkok. The exact location is near to the entrance next to the Queen Sirikit Convention Centre. Surprise, huh? I bet not many people know that. Not even the Singaporeans, I assume.

The Merlion in Benjakiti Park
The lion head up close
The majestic Merlion looking out for us

So, say hello to the legendary half-lion-half-fish creature in the land of the tomyum kung .. introducing the Merlion Singapore x Bangkok. But in Bangkok, there is no “spray-spray“, referring to The Merlion spouting water from its mouth, at its motherland at the Merlion Park.

A gift from Singapore and Singaporeans living in Thailand

A plaque adjacent to the statue says that the Merlion is a gift from Singapore and Singaporeans living in Thailand. Hmm .. perhaps there could be other Merlion statues in other countries as well?

The Merlion pokestop
Catch some Pokemons while you are there

While you are there visiting the half-lion-half-fish statue, the Merlion is also a Pokestop if you are a Pogo fan … so do add Benjakiti Park for some Pokemon huntings in Bangkok on your bucket-list.




The Merlion – Benjakiti Park (สวนเบญจกิติ)
Ratchadaphisek Rd, between Rama IV and Sukhumvit Rds, Bangkok
Nearest MRT: MRT Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, Exit 3


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