Meet Khao Soi, Curry Laksa’s Cousin

Khao Soi (ข้าวซอย), is the closest Thai noodle that I can find, similar to our Malaysia’s Curry Laksa. Not the same, but the curry-coconut milk broth is close enough. Ok, ok .. I don’t really know what I am talking about. Curry and coconut milk broth: the similarity ends there 🙂


Egg noodles are typically used


They also use yellow egg noodles. Top with crispy fritters (crispy fried noodles), and tender chicken drumstick, is simply amazing!


Garnishing for customers, to take as much as they like

Add garnishing, as much as you like! ตามสบาย, as you pleases. Pickled mustard green, red onion, lime, spring onion, bean sprout, shredded cabbage and chili flakes.




If you have not tried this noodle before, you should. It is absolutely divine. Khao soi is also known as Northern Curry Noodle, as it hails from the Northern region of Thailand. The noodle is inspired by a Burmese noodle though, ohn no khao swè … good things are meant to be shared / copied, ooops.

Curry noodle in Thailand makes me a happy girl. Reminds me of home. Only 50 baht for a satisfying meal, and it always comes together with a yummeh drumstick!


Front facade of the restaurant


Ran Tit Nuea ร้าน ทิศเหนือ


I had mine at ร้าน ทิศเหนือ, at Soi Lad Phrao 1. Only signage in local language. The shop’s name is directly translated as Ran Tit Nuea.  There are many local eateries at Soi Lad Phrao 1, and Ran Tit Nuea is one of our all-time favorite! So much better than the food at Union Mall. No English menu though, so point and order, or just copy this khao soi gai (ข้าวซอยไก่), with chicken in Thai script and show to the staff, or just show them the picture of khao soi!


Wifi ‘Arhannua Soi 1‘ is provided


This humble local eatery even provides wifi! Thumbs up! Perfect spot for tourists!



Ran Tit Nuea ร้าน ทิศเหนือ 

Address: 243/4 Soi Lad Phrao 1, Jompon, Jatujak, Bangkok 10900 (opposite Union Mall)

Tel: 090-550-6826 

Business Hours: 09:30am-18:00pm

Nearest MRT: Phahon Yohtin (exit 5)


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