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Mango sticky rice everyday, because I can

Following Songkran, there will be mango season in Thailand. April is the beginning of the Thai mango season. It lasts until May/June, during the summer season. This is the time that I always binge on mango sticky rice.

Mango is my all time favourite fruit. These days, I get my mango fix almost everyday. D’s parents have a tree or two in their yard, so I get home-grown mango plus from the supermarkets here.

M a n g o s t i c k y r i c e has gotta be my No. 1 favourite dessert here. I can eat it everyday, if it’s not that fattening. Sigh.

Mango sticky rice is known as ‘khao niaw ma muang’ in Thai language. It consists of sliced mangoes, glutinous rice and coconut cream. A plate of ultimate happiness. Waaah, imagine if am the account handler .. ┬ámy tagline is definitely that, a plate of ultimate happiness! It’s creamylicious, sweetlyicious, nuttylicious (from sesame seeds) .. HEAVENLICIOUS AND AROYLICIOUS.

I can probably spin off parody of “Dumb Ways to Die”, with dancing mangoes hahaha.


My ultimate happiness. I cann eat this everyday! (Hua Hin, Thailand, 2012. Photo credit: Pravich Vutthisombut)

After soo many years, my vote still goes to the humble mango sticky rice stall in Hua Hin as the best in Thailand.

The owner even recognize me, haha, always gushing about how aroylicious their mango sticky rice. This place is opposite Hilton Hua Hin. (update June 2016: they are open everyday, from 9.30am onwards, until sold out).

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So far, I don’t have any fav mango sticky rice in Bangkok. None can match Hua Hin.

Hmm .. perhaps it’s time for another mango sticky rice trip to Hua Hin. *hint hint*

They have high mango QC. They won’t sell if it’s deemed not sweet!


See each plate of serving is picture-perfect!


Hello Hua Hin. Hello mango sticky rice. Hello happiness!