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Love Hate Relationship With Don Meuang International Airport

Photo credit: Sharon Lau

Flying is a mean of transport. There is nothing exciting about it, unless if it’s to fly a broomstick and play Quidditch with Harry Potter! And have you heard about Eddie Redmayne is in talks to play the lead in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter spin-off, titled “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”? I wonder if there’s any flying around on broomsticks?

Okay, let ‘s not get sidetracked by the hunkalicious Eddie Redmayne. Fell in love with him after I saw Les Miserables with his posh English accent.

So really, there is nothing exciting about flying. It used to be a glamorous and prestigious affair, but now everyone can fly. I don’t hate, I’m just not necessarily excited about flying nor traveling and having to spend time at the airports. It’s just a necessity.

There are two airports in Bangkok. Suvarnabhumi International Airport serves mostly the mainstream airlines. The old Don Mueang International Airport was revived in late 2012, and caters to low-cost airlines.

I would attribute the revival of Don Meuang to AirAsia. I read two versions of the same story. I thought Airasia announced the move was due to lower airport tax offered at Don Mueang, so I assumed that it was AirAsia’s choice. But I also read that the government of Thailand ordered all low-cost, chartered and non-connecting flights to relocate to Don Mueang.

Whatever the reason is, the move has brought more advantages than disadvantages to me personally.

  • Love it that it’s closer to home, less than 20km in distance.
  • Love it that we can reach airport in 15 minutes time on a good day.
  • Love it that we can skip taxi, and take Airport Bus A1 direct to MRT Chatuchak Park station, and then another 2 stations to reach home.
Gate 6, arrival floor


30 baht from Don Meuang to BTS Mo Chit / MRT Chatuchak park
  • Love it that there are considerably less passengers vs. Suvarnabhumi International Airport.
  • Love it that it is super short queue at immigration counters.
  • Love it that I can still have my favourite local Thai foods at Doi Chaang Coffee before I leave the country.
Local Thai brand, Doi Chaang
60 baht, cheaper than the lunch box at departure floor. They also have one vegetarian fried noodle option
Green curry pork
  •  Love it that my family and friends can get SIM card easily.


  • Hate it that it feels so ‘low cost’. Not as horrible as Malaysia’s old LCCT, but still …
  • Hate it that the facility is bare minimum.
  • Hate it that the parking facility is insufficient.
  • Hate it that it’s a dead without anything to see.
  • Hate it that there aren’t many shopping options.
  • Hate it that there’s no free wifi provided.
  • Hate it that there is no ATM facility at departure floor after immigration.
  • Hate it that the McD staff at Don Meuang outlet appear to be permanently having a bad day. Smile lah a little bit, aiyoo

Let’s not give just a service, but an experience. Omotenashi.