Lalai Sap Market Is Your Best Bet For Children’s Clothes In Bangkok

I went on a shopping spree pre-Chinese New Year, and bought loads of clothes home for my nieces (and also for mom and 2nd sis). I covered these few places: Platinum Mall, Big C, Union Mall, Siam Square and last bit not least, Lalai Sap Market (ตลาดละลายทรัพย์).


99 baht each for top and bottom


There were some of my nieces’ clothing that I bought at Big C hypermarket, and these were all priced at 99 baht for my 9-year old niece. They do have a good selection for young kids (up to 10-11 years old).

For my 12-year old niece, it was quite challenging, as she is not-a-child-yet-not-a-teenager.


My fav purchase from Union Mall



Perfect size for a 12-yr old


I managed to buy few pieces for her, from Union Mall. These were adult pieces: Thai girls do like cropped and mini-size a lot, and these are perfect for my niece. But for bottoms, adult’s size is too big.

I asked my bf for advise, and he suggested Lalai Sap Market.


Entrance @ Silom Soi 5



Be prepared for lots and lots of people


Lalai Sap means “spend a lot of money.” It is located as Silom Soi 5, and is mostly frequented by local Thai, and is especially packed during lunch hour. It is still under the radar among foreigners, though there were few of them spotted at the market.

Selling like hot cake this stall!
Selling like hotcakes this stall!

I bought a pair of jeans for my elder niece at 450 baht. Price-wise, it is cheaper than Malaysia, even after conversion (RM 53).


Suitable for younger kids



More for kiddos



CNY clothes are also available

I also managed to buy a top for my mom. It’s a market for all, but just that I find that there are plenty children clothings here.


Entrance from BTS Chong Nongsi, exit4

It is best access via BTS Chong Nongsi (exit 4), walk to Silom intersection around 50m, and turn righthand side. Or walk along Silom Road from MRT Silom, for 1km, and turn left into Silom Soi 5.

I was always under the impression that is opened during lunch time. But a trader told me that they open as early as 7am, and close around 4pm. It’s a weekday market, from Mon-Fri, and if it’s public holiday, they will be closed.


Update Dec 2016

Visited the market with a friend and her family from Malaysia. The market was in full operation when we arrived around 10am. My friends were able to communicate with some of the traders, who spoke Teochew and Cantonese. Amazing!


Happy shopping!


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