JJ Green vs Artbox Signature: Which One Should You Go?

Bangkok is not only a shopping mecca, but a night market haven.

In the past two years, there was a lack of kick-ass night markets in Bangkok city center. Yes, there were plenty night markets, but selling run-of-the-mill tourist stuffs (yawn); all look same-same. Many shed tears (okay, this is a bit on the dramatic side), when Suan Lum Night Bazaar was demolished, and later when Talat Rod Fai (aka Train market) moved to Srinakarin.

That left a huge gap in the night market offerings in Bangkok city center. Fret not, for that has changed, and the night market landscape is getting more vibrant and fabuloso.

With my visiting younger brother and his wifey, I lived a tourist life last weekend: visited two night markets in one weekend! This brought me back to my ‘tourist days’ in the Kingdom.

We went to JJ Green Vintage Night Market on Saturday night and Artbox Signature one day after. And here are my takes on the two night markets.

JJ Green


T shirts at JJ Green
Heart JJ Green (albeit the crowd). It was packed to the gills on Saturday night, but brave the crowds for great shopping and fab ambience. The whole market was just oozing hipster vibe. Surprisinglynot much jostling with the hoards of shoppers. Quite a polite crowd, as I found people shuffle along patiently. No pain, no gain?


Cheap-cheap retro poster

Old school toys
I enjoyed the wide variety of merchandises, and these are the non-cheesy touristy stuffs (that scream “I am a tourist”). You can find clothes, accessories, toys, crafts, retro collectibles, second-hand items, etc, etc. The clothes and accesorries sold here, are pieces that I can wear and use on daily basis.

Since JJ Green is located right behind Chatuchak Weekend Market, you should combine both markets on the same day .. but, get a good feet massage thereafter!


Love Thai bands
JJ Green is also a drinking and hang out spot. I would have love to get a spot, with live (Thai) band playing in the background. But … I need my girlfriends … who’ll be visiting next?

Bangkok.com covers the market well, read more here.


JJ Green Vintage Night Market

Address: 1 Kampaeng Phet 3, Chatuchak

Hours: Thursday to Sunday, from 5.00pm to 1.30am

How to get there: MRT Chatuchak Park, take exit 1. Turn right and walk along the street, until you reach a curve, go right and follow the street. Walk on, pass Chatuchak market, and JJ Green is on your left.


Artbox Signature

Artbox is the IT place in Bangkok .. oh-so-the-Instagram-worthy, where selfies are being taken at corner I turned at the market. It’s a ‘see and be seen‘ type of place.

On their website, it states that:

Art Box is an exhibition market. We pride ourselves in having different concepts for the event.

The organizer integrates the show (Exhibition) and Flea Market together, in one space. As it is an ‘Exhibition Market‘, the venue is changed on a monthly basis, if I am not wrong. You can check the venue on their Facebook here, before your visit.

Artbox Signature at Queen Sirikit was my maiden visit. The exhibition at Queen Sirikit took place from 6-8 Nov and 13-15 Nov, and they are already closed. What a pity, as it was located right need to MRT Queen Sirikit.


400 baht grilled shrimp
120 baht grilled squid
Jaywalk’s raspberry butter cake sundae, with a twist

Bloody drink
It is more of a music and foodie market, than shopping. Expect more handmade stuffs, such as phone casing, bags, and also few clothes stalls. Food and beverages-wise, we were not left disaapointed. If anything, I think the market is worth checking out, for their F&B, especially their creative and innovative beverages.

Bloody drink, anyone? Animal-shaped cotton candy? Pure genius!

This blogger recently blogged about this place: check out F&B photos from the market, and video of the making of ‘Pinky Piggu’ Cotton Candy here.

If you’ve not been to Artbox yet, the next one is going to be held at The EM District in the month of December:


Artbox @ The EM District

Dates: 4-6 Dec, 11-13 Dec and 18-20 Dec

Hours: Every Fri-Sun in December, from 3.00pm-12.00mn

How to get there: BTS Phrom Phong, take exit 6





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