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What’s the big fuss about Jeh O Chula?

“There were 44 queues before us ..”, a friend told me about Jeh O Chula, who abandoned the wait one day before. The ‘online pass’ (via Klook) is also fully booked till mid Sept, she added. So, we decided to give it a try again .. to arrive around their opening hour at 4.30pm, on a Monday. And we breezed through just like that …

As it was drizzling, we took a cab from BTS National Stadium, and it costs only 37 baht. After the meal, we decided to walk off the food and it’s an easy less than 10 minutes walk from the restaurant back to the same BTS station.

We ordered 4 dishes for a pax of 3, and it’s just nice portion.

Is it good? Yes, but really it’s just a tomyum instant noodle with lots of ingredients and I thought the prawn I had is not as fresh as what was mentioned in other blogs. The salmon salad needs a tad more lime, but the crispy pork belly is good ..

Is it worth coming back again? Yes, but not with the queue … but for tourists, yes, you should tick it off the bucket list ..

Jeh O Chula is also listed on food delivery app if you want to give the non-instant noodle dishes a try .. they are also on Grab Kitchen Phra Ram 9 and Wimut hospital. As for Klook’s online pass, it gives you fast track access but it comes with set menu .. but I assume that you’ll be able to add dishes on the spot.

Happy eating ..

Price increase since May 2022:

1.มาม่าโอ้โหหมูสับ Tomyum instant noodle with minced pork 150 baht
2.มาม่าโอ้โหหมูกรอบ Tomyum instant noodle with crispy pork 150 baht
3.มาม่าโอ้โหทะเล Tomyum instant noodle with seafood 220 baht
4.มาม่าโอ้โหรวม Tomyum instant noodle with mixed seafood, minced pork and crispy pork belly 300 baht
5.มาม่าโอ้โหกรรเชียปู Tomyum instant noodle with all above + crab 660 baht

Total damage: 800+ baht for a pax of 3

Jeh O Chula เจ๊โอว ข้าวต้มเป็ด
113 Charat Muang Road ซอย จรัสเมือง, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel: 081 682 8816/064 118 5888
Business Hour 4:30pm – 12am (Mon – Sun)
Nearest public transport: BTS National Stadium (exit 2), approx 600m away


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