That visit to Jay Fai post-lockdown

Jay Fai needs little introduction. A 1,000 baht crab meat omelette had many flocking to this Michelin-star restaurant – tourist and local alike. Reservation used to be near impossible, and many had to wait few hours for a table.

So, visiting Jay Fai was probably one of our smartest move, after hearing that it’s back in operation after the easing of lockdown measure. We came on a late morning weekday in early June, and a reservation wasn’t necessary at that point. We were told that customers have started trickling back usually from 12pm onwards, so we arrived around 11am to secure a table without reservation and it worked!

There are few popular dishes – but since our group consist of mainly eaters, we decided to stick with just 4 dishes.

Of course we ordered the infamous crab meat omelette. It’s worth the money with the insane mouthful of fresh crab meat used. Thumbs up!

We also ordered a tom yum prawn soup (1,000 baht), fried rice with prawn (600 baht) and stir fry kale with abalone (600 baht) (not in the picture)..

Total damage 3,290 baht.

Jay Fai เจ๊ไฝ
327 Maha Chai Road, Bangkok
Tel: 02 223 9384
Business Hour 10am-10pm on WED-SUN (Closed every MON&TUE)
Reservations by email: 
Nearest public transport: MRT Sam Yot, approx 1 km away


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