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Imported Japanese Matcha Ice Bar, Only At 7-Eleven In Bangkok

I read here, that there is a new imported-from-Japan matcha (powdered green tea) ice cream in town, and (some) Thai people are very angry. Why? Because it’s only available at 69 of 7-Eleven stores in Bangkok, and people from the provinces aren’t happy about it. Duh.

Sibunruang Building 1
7-Eleven at Sibunruang Building 1

I am not a big matcha fan, but told myself to try it, if I chance upon it. And I did, at 7-Eleven in downtown, at Sibunruang Building 1 (อาคารสีบุญเรือง ๑), Silom Road.

Uji matcha used
Uji matcha used

“Uji Matcha” used? Uji city is one of the main tea growing areas in Japan, and is renowned for producing the best Matcha in Japan.


A strong whiff of matcha
A strong whiff of green tea aroma

This explains a whiff of wonderful green tea aroma, when I first opened the ice cream packaging. Perhaps, after all, I do like matcha.

39 baht (approx RM 4.40) for an imported ice cream, worth every satang (that’s cents in Thai).

If you are a matcha lover, do hunt down the Japanese Matcha Ice Bar.


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