Hello Again Jamie’s Italian

I visited Jamie’s Italian once in Singapore – and after trying it, I wasn’t impressed. And I said back then, “Just this one time, and no more repeat visit for me.” Once bitten, twice shy. NOT. Jamie Oliver. How can one resist his boyish’s charms? So, eating my words, I gave it another go, but in Bangkok.

Book online or Jamie’s Italian or Chope website
. or via Chope app
Chope app

Booking a table was easy via Jamie’s Italian website here, or via Chope website or app. On Jamie Italian’s website, it says that they offer a 15 minute grace period for late arrivals, but it was a 30 minute grace period for Chope app. I downloaded and used the Chope app for my table reservation, but wtf they sent me an e-newsletter thereafter, saying “”use code TRYAPPGL and earn 400 Chope-Dollars for your first app reservation!” after I have done and completed my first reservation. A bit too late isn’t it? New member receives 100 Chope-Dollars upon registration, and 100 Chope-Dollars for reservation.

Thai name เจมีส์ อิตาเลียน – Je-mi-I-dta-lian

Of course there is a need to have a local name in the Kingdom – เจมีส์ อิตาเลียน – Je-mi-I-dta-lian.

Floor to ceiling glass windows
This is my fav quiet dining spot

The restaurant features floor to ceiling glass windows – so enjoy the sanctuary with the hustle and bustle of Siam as your backdrop. We were seated at a corner; perfecto for a quiet dinner!

Just like when I was in Europe
I wanna eat you, Parma ham

I must say that this time round, we had a good dining experience -partly thanks to an attentive and cheerful staff, Fen. “The food is  good, but not wow, wow,” bf commented. As for me, I don’t mind coming back for their pizza. But we are in no hurry to go back anytime soon. The price is so much cheaper in Bangkok, versus Singapore after currency conversion – so can give this a try if you are a fellow Malaysian wanting to try Jamie’s Italian (not available in Malaysia). The menu is not 100% the same though – example, Porcini Arancini and Italian Hot Pizza are not in Jamie Italian SG’s menu.

Complimentary bread

We were served a “miserable portion” of complimentary bread first.

His Italian lager and my dragon fruit and beetroot smoothies

MENEBREA 1846 [THB 280++]: Described asThe original Italian lager ” for him. The beer is super light, that even my taste palate is agreeable with it . From what I read, the lager is brewed using light barley malts and maize; light, crisp lager style. The Birra Menabrea 1846 has been awarded the Best Pale Lager Gold Medal at the World Beer Championships in Chicago three times, in 1997, 1998, and 2000.

FRESH FRUIT & YOGHURT SMOOTHIES [THB 160++]: Dragon fruit and beetroot combination for me.

Porcini Arancini
Porcini Arancini

PORCINI ARANCINI [THB 220++]: Fried balls of mushroom risotto with mozzarella & arrabbiata sauce – the sauce did nothing for the mushroom risotto balls, that we ended up eating it sans sauce.

Two plate of pastas because we want to try more
Prawn linguini – has my vote

OUR FAMOUS PRAWN LINGUINE [THB 300++ (RM 37.65) – small vs SGD 18.50++ (RM 57.47)]: Garlicky prawns with tomatoes, fennel, saffron, fresh chilli & rocket. Price-wise, it is on the high side for a small serving. This dish is available in both Thailand and Singapore – a whooping RM 60 after conversion in Singapore.

Tagliatte bolognese – his vote

GENNARO’S TAGLIATELLE BOLOGNESE [THB 280 (RM 35.14) – small vs SGD 18.50 (RM 57.47)]: Described as “Amazing” pork & beef slow cooked with red wine, topped with pangrattato (aka breadcrumb) & Parmesan. Bf likes this dish better. But amazing .. na, not really.

Italian Hot – dish of the day for me

ITALIAN HOT [THB 360++]: Sweet tomato sauce, mozzarella, fennel salami, chilli flakes & oregano. A good pizza and the topping combination is superb. The photo does not do justice to the food though, my bad.

Thank you D

Total bill came up to THB 1.8k+ including 10% service charge and 7% VAT, after Citibank 10% discount.

Thanks D for the treat, for entertaining my request for a meal at Jamie’s Italian 🙂


Jamie’s Italian Siam Discovery
No 989, Room G06, Ground Floor, Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel: +66 22 555 222
Website: https://www.jamieoliver.com/italian/thailand/
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 12pm-10.30pm (By law they do not serve alcohol between 2pm-5pm)
Nearest BTS: Siam / National Stadium


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