International Father’s Day was celebrated in Malaysia, but not in Thailand

Yesterday was International Father’s Day and it was also celebrated in Malaysia. My Facebook timeline was flooded with heart-warming Father’s Day dedication messages and photos of Father’s Day celebrations.

I spent the meaningful day with two close friends / ex-colleagues / ex-teammates.

With ‘mommy’ and ‘Ah Girl’

 One I called ‘mommy’, so the other friend turned into my ‘sister’ by default. Honouring Father’s Day, I bought two cream puffs for my mommy’s hubby, whom again, by default turned into my ‘dad’. Haha, confusing enough?

My so-called dad was so happy with the unexpected gift, that he immediately finished up the two cream puffs. And it was right before dinner. He said “I just can’t wait after dinner.” Mommy added, “He eats through to the mouth, sweet to the heart.” Just a simple gesture, and it brightens up his day!

Just a simple gesture is enough

Thailand do not celebrate the International Father’s Day.  Just like Mother’s Day (celebrated on their Queen’s birthday), it is celebrated on their beloved King’s birthday, which falls on December 5th. Thai people love their King and Queen, and they are regarded as everyone’s Father and Mother.

If you missed my earlier post on International Mother’s Day, here is the link :

As a Malaysian, it takes time getting used to Thai people’s affection for the Royal family.

My first memory was at the cinema in Bangkok, my very first movie with D. Everyone in the hall stood up to the King’s anthem before the movie starts. What?! But … I tried to rationalize with D, “Why would I want to pay homage to your King?” D said some foreigners did not stand up to the King’s anthem, and that became an issue and the lack of manner was heavily criticized.

Well, there are things I guess you just need to follow when you are in other countries. Respect the local culture. As an old Chinese proverb says: “Enter the village, follow its customs” ( 入鄉隨俗 ).

Anyway, I self-declared yesterday as Yiyi’s (Aunt) Day. Why so?! Because Wil, my nephew baked cheesecake specially for me yesterday. Aaawwwww …. heart you, Wil. Heart-melting moment.

The other day when we were watching Jurassic World, Wil and I were seated next to each other. When I was watching the scene when Zach and Gray first met Claire at the park, Claire said something about the last they met was like three or four years ago. Nada. Zach pointed out that it was seven years ago actually. I was like no way, man … your work is that important? Abuden, that was the story plot lah.

I made efforts to be part of my nephews and nieces’s life, especially before they grow up and have their own lives. I am thankful that my teenage nephews still hang out with me sometimes. And a cheesecake baked especially for me? Sweeeeetilicious! A memory that will never fade.


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