Insane Petition To Solve Thai Moo Ga-Ta National Problem At Bar B Q Plaza

Thai people love their moo ga-ta (moo = pork, ga-ta = pan, literally translated as pork in a pan). And Bar B Q Plaza is a popular moo ga-ta chain restaurant, to satisfy their moo ga-ta binge.


Grill + Soup, the best of both worlds
Moo ga-ta is a brilliant creation, as it caters to both bbq and steamboat (hotpot) lovers.

There is a SERIOUS NATIONAL problem.


We want our soup!
Bar B Q Plaza has been using the same ga-ta pan, ever since their inception 23 years ago. There is a serious design flaw in the pan: the soup space is too narrow; scooping out soup has been difficult.

And people want to see it CHANGE!



Petition on
Someone started a petition on here, to get Bar B Q Plaza to solve their ga-ta pan issue.

What is’s stated mission is to “empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see.”

This is the first time that I have heard Such ‘petty issue‘ being submitted. Petty, in comparison with politics, humanitarian, environmental, etc, etc.

There was a also similar comment on’s Facebook page , but’s Admin commented that their mission is to empower people to create change, and all changes are important.

Let’s just hope that this whole saga is not behind a marketing gimmick. Co-icidentally, it coincides with Bar B Q Plaza’s recent CSR campaign,  which challenges consumers by asking ‘Are we really making the most of our meals?” The campaign encouraged consumers to share their ideas on how we can all help reduce wastage.


Soooo easy to scoop

Sukishi, a competitor, has been quick to react 🙂

Well .. as you can see, all the news are in Thai language. I wouln’t have known this if it wasn’t because of my bf.

Friday 4pm, bf asked whether want to have dinner at Bar B Q Plaza.

Specifically Bar B Q Plaza.

I later found out it was triggered by this trending topic on Bar B Q Plaza.



BarBGon Set 599 baht

Kama Jung for the kiddos and the young at heart
We had BarBGon Give Set, 599 baht, with 3 bentos. It consists of Shabu Miso Pork, Pork Sliced, Shrimp, Salmon Fillet, Kama Jung, Fried Tofu, Carrot, Enokitake Mushroom. and Pumpkin. It comes with 1 Coke pitcher. By the way, BarBGon is the green dragon-mascot of Bar B Q Plaza.


Before and Aftermath
We were provided a slice of pork fat to grease the grill, and prevent sticking.


It’s an act of balancing

Same-same but different
Of course, for a restaurant to be popular with Thai people,  it has to come with dippings. And it’s all an act of balancing. Bf’s dipping tastes soo much better than mine, I still haven’t figure out how much of each components to put in …. I’ll get there, one fine day.



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  • January 17, 2016 at 9:24 pm

    Make sense, bigger space for soup. But I don’t like BBQ Plaza, don’t think it is nice. Tried it once or twice before.

    • January 17, 2016 at 9:27 pm

      Not my favorite too ….

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