A Visit To The Hua Lamphong Railway Station While It Lasts

Do you know that the beautiful Italian neo-renaissance style Hua Lamphong railway station has been Bangkok’s railway central railway station for 100 years? Sadly, it is set to make way for the new Central station in Bang Sue in 2019. According to an article here, services will open at the Bang Sue station by 2019, though the move will take three to four years to complete.

The Hua Lamphong station will then be renovated as a railway history museum. Before the move, we set out to visit the station to take some photos.

Station Map
Hua Lamphong station map
Hua Lamphong railway platform
Hua Lamphong railway platform
Hua Lamphong railway platform
People come, people go ..
People on the move
Beware if you're heading south
Beware if you’re heading south

Trains on the Southern Line will terminate at Chumphon Railway Stationin at Tha Taphao Subdistrict, Chumphon City, due to flood damage.

LED sign indicating destination and departure time
Electronic display board indicating destination and departure time

Each platform has an electronic display board providing information about the next train to depart from that platform. It even shows information if the train is delayed!

Staff performing train safety check
Watching staff pulling trolleys after trolleys ..
Watching staff pulling trolleys after trolleys ..
.. filled with towels

As it wasn’t a peak period when we were there, I captured photos of staff performing their duties.


Ticket counters

Tickets counter
A counter for postponement and refund

Kudos to many counters opened, even though there were not many passengers. There was even one counter dedicated for postponement and refund.


Travel Information and Services

Train Information counter

Train Information Counter is at your service, for train information .. perfecto! 

Ticket office for foreigners
Ticket Office for Foreigners
Ticket office for foreigners

Ticket Office for Foreigners is located to the left of the ticket counter .. most useful and there is no fee charged for the service.



Left luggage

Left luggage service is available at Hua Lamphong train station.

Lounge access for First Class .. wow!

Saw lounge access for First Class … do we have this back home in KL?

No sleeping in prayer room

For Muslims, praying room service is available too.


No alcohol and no smoking

No alcohol and no smoking allowed
Please drop your alcohol here

It was reported here that the ban on alcohol sale and drink on all trains was introduced in the aftermath of the rape and killing of a 13-year old girl on board a night sleeper train. I hope that ban is strictly enforced, and not just introduced for the sake of being introduced.


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