Holy Moly Me Oh My At Holy Shrimp Bangkok

Seafood lovers rejoice! A flight ticket to The Land of Smiles is oh-so-the-worth-it for affordable Cajun-style seafood in a wrap. As the icing on the cake, Holy Shrimp is located at Train Market Ratchada, so a 2-in-1 shopping + Cajun seafood makes the trip even more worthwhile.

Ordering is easy peasy ABC, with 3 simple steps.


3 simple steps
Step 1:

Pick your catch:

Holy Shrimp 199 baht (S) 379 baht (M)

Baby Octopus 199

New Zealand Mussel 249

Scallop 249

River Prawn 379

Clam 199

or just go with:

Holy Shell 369 – includes NZ Mussel, Scallop, Clam, Potato, Corn

Holy Shrimp! Catch 399 – includes Shrimp, NZ Mussel, Baby Octopus, Potato, Corn

Step 2:

Lay on the sauce:

Holy Moly (Most popular in the menu)

Melted Butter

Super Garlic

Lemon Pepper


Hmm … since we are in Thailand, you can also ask for their (Thai) seafood sauce, and eat like a local. As for me, I can’t fathom the need for a local dipping, when there is already a sauce in the dish itself. Well, go figure.

Step 3:

Pick the heat:

Non spicy




Holy Moly


My hi so fighters!
I went with 2 friends, my ex-hi so (short for high society) team mates .. since we’re hi-so group, we started with an order of one serving of Holy Shrimp! Catch (399 bath) and Holy Cajun Fried (89 baht) .. and to make sure we are well-composed, aka less sweaty, the group agreed on Mild heat level.


Pouring out the goodies

Not enough ‘heat’ for me

Glove-finger eating utensil
Glove-finger eating utensil

Cajun fried, we like

Thai seafood sauce
Thai seafood sauce
We found that one serving is not sufficient for a group of 3. So, we doubled the order! Ya baby …we had two servings of the Holy Shrimp! Catch and Holy Cajun Fried. There goes all our hi-so manner *chuckle …


  1. One serving is not enough for a group of 3; do order double servings at one time. The food is cooked-to-order, so will need a little bit of wait. We didn’t manage to finish the second serving, as the tummy ‘bloated’ a bit, whilst waiting.
  2. On a Tuesday evening, the place was quite packed with Thai .. so, expect queue, if you go on Friday and weekends.
  3. A word of caution: as it is an open-air dining, we had mosquitoes problem … especially me, as I was wearing a short … so, be warned, folks.

Oh, I mentioned that it’s cheap, as it was in comparison with a Louisiana seafood restaurant back home: Crab Factory  at SS2 here.

Update 26 Dec 2015:

Two Malaysian friends went there yesterday, and one them has been hit with food poisoining. So, perhaps eat with caution, eapecialy if you have weak stomach. My group didn’t face any problem tha night.


MRT Thailand Cultural Center, Exit 3
Holy Shrimp

ตลาดนัดรถไฟ รัชดา : Train Night Market Ratchada (MRT Thailand Cultural Center, Exit 3)

Open : Tuesday – Sunday 6pm-12am



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