Gift-Wrapping In Bangkok

I LOVE WRAPPING PRESENTS, more than I love unwrapping them. Most people do not bother with the act of gift-wrapping itself … and many use free service provided by departmental stores. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Just that it’s very-ME to put that additional touch to the things that I do.

I put efforts into gift wrapping, just like I put the efforts into getting the gift itself. It comes together, no?

The joy of seeing the recipients’ expression is priceless!

I volunteered to help D to wrap up a present he has to give to his colleague, for Christmas gift exchange. Ahem … It was a short turnaround time-task, as the present needs to be delivered in 4 hours time!


555 Paperplus at MBK

I took a BTS to MBK for ‘555 Paper Plus‘ (BTS National Stadium station) shop, which sells all-paper stuffs … gift wrapping papers / boxes, cards, accessories, papers, envelopes, etc. It is like my version of  ‘candyland’ .

Keeping my fingers crossed, I was hoping that they provide gift wrapping service. But ….. I went prepared with scissor, blade and cellophane tape too, just in case. I am a true-blood planner indeed, old habits die hard.

มีการให้บริการห่อของขวัญ? Mi gan hai borigan hor kong kwan mai ka? Do you have gift wrapping service? 

“No, but you can buy our gift boxes,” the staff answered.

Cish! This is not helping at all.

I started browsing around the shop. None of the wrapping papers caught my eyes. Yeah, I am that choosy! So, I thought to DIY instead.


Gift boxes




Gift accessories


They even have Congratulation Cards


Super cute die-cut cards


This reminds me of my school days

I ended up buying 4 items from the shop: plain and red wrapping papers, string and Christmas gift tag.


My work table @ Swensen’s

I then went to a nearby Swensen’s, and set myself to work at the ice cream parlor’s table. The staff didn’t even bat an eyelid … nice!

Tada! Not too bad an effort, given the time crunch and lack of (floor) space.


It’s snowing pressies


Khun Jor, Hope you like it!

Merry Xmas to D’ colleague (the receiver of the present). Hope he appreciates the ‘look’ of his pressie. Better late than never! Ho ho ho!!

555 PaperPlus

MBK 3rd floor (Near Tokyo zone)

Tel. +66 2620 9448

Opening Hours : Everyday 10.00 – 21.00 pm.

For full list of store location, click here


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