The Day I Fractured My Toe ….

This happened more than 2 months back, and I am finally finishing off this article. What has happened, has happened. Clumsy-me finally fractured something, and that something was my little fifth toe. I accidentally kicked something hard, and poor little toe had to bear the consequences. It was swelling, with bruising and discoloration and it was also painful with walking.

Swelling, bruising, discoloration, due to fractured toe

And it has to happened when I was busy juggling my work and personal-life. After dragging it for 2 weeks, bf took me to Vejthani Hospital at Lat Phrao. In Thailand, people go to hospital for every little things; do not become alarmed. Something to do with the (lack of) quality of clinic and also they are able to use their Medical Insurance card. 

Orthopedic Center, Vejthani Hospital

I was sent up to the Orthopedic Center at level 3.

I got weighed by a nurse, whom also checked my blood pressure and temperature. I was then ushered to see a doctor, who examined my toe and asked how I injured it.

X-Ray at Radiology room

The doc then send me to take X-rays at the Radiology room at level 1, in order to determine the extent of the injury. Once done, had to wait for around 30 mins for result to be out. And tada, a fractured toe.

Getting ready for toe splint
Toe splint

As it’s not serious, doc asked to use a toe splint. So, he did the first toe splint, and for me to replicate at home. My 5th toe was tapped to an adjacent toe, and it was then wrapped with tape.

Makeshift “shower bag”

“Change the tape, when it gets smelly”. I was told to change the tape when it gets smelly, and to use “shower bag” over my feet.

No heels, wear comfortable shoes that have room in the toe cap. Easy peasy, that’s like a licence to go casual.

Medications, bandages, etc

I was also given some medications – anti-inflammatories, painkillers and calcium pills.

The bill came up to 3,836 baht:

Medication for Outpatient


Medical Supplies 1


Standard Diagnostic Imaging


NSG Charge


Medical OPD Charge


First Outpatient Care






I had  to go back for check-up in two weeks time, and was given an appointment slip. And I did, and was made to wait for 45 minutes as they had many walk-in patients. So?! There are so many hospitals to choose from, really, and sorry Vejthani Hospital. I pay international rates (as a foreigner), and I expect you to treat me at the rates I pay. No more next time.

Vejthani Hospital
1 Ladprao Road 111, Klong-Chan Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240 
English Hot line: (+66)8-522 3888
Website :


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