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Hello Evie’s Cookies! Nom! Nom! Nom!

A throng of people at the Evie’s Cookies booth at Siam Paragon

There are a lot more of pop-up stalls lately at the shopping malls here in Bangkok – and that means discovering new foodie options. I am not a big fan of extreme queuing, but that commotion at the Evie’s Cookies booth at the Siam Paragon’s Trendy Foodie event piqued my curiosity.

Evie’s Cookies is a relative new brand, officially launched in April (according to their Facebook page). “The BIG BOLD BITES, and we just love baking damn good cookies and sharing them to the world.” Order is only LINE, so that pop-up stall at Siam Paragon does bring the yummies to people like me!

A tad pricey at 100-160 baht per piece, but I thought it’s worth the moolah. We have only tried Oh Chip! (130 baht) – classic butter dough with 64% gooey dark chocolate chunks, Bae-con (110 baht) – oatmeal cookie dough with smoked bacon chips and Oatquake (100 baht) – oatmeal cookie dough with mixed yellow and black raisins so far. We love Oh Chip! with the gooey chocolate chunks and Bae-con with that sexy bacon chips twist, and we found that Oatquake is just so-so.

They do have limited quantities baked fresh everyday – so brace yourself for (possible) disappointment.

If you love soft cookies, then Evie’s Cookies is for you .. purchase is only through their LINE MyShop and a minimum purchase of 5 pieces order required.

Evie’s Cookies
Order via Line: @eviescookies


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