Thai people and their love for buffet

I kid you not. Thai people love all you-can-eat buffet. Observe the long queue in the shopping mall, of people waiting to get in to those chain buffet restaurants.

Today D and I had impromptu lunch at KimJu Korean Royal Cuisine at Union Mall. There’s nothing royal / grand about this place,  just a normal Korean chain restaurant with branches everywhere. The food is okay and not too expensive, and it has both a la carte as well as buffet menu. Being a picky-kimchi eater, the kimchi here has my seal of approval, so this is a plus point.

The buffet price works out to be cheaper if we order a lot. So, we opted for buffet at 409 baht (excludes tax) per pax. Drink is not included.

Total damage: 1,005 baht for 2 pax, including 2 glasses of drink. Pretty cheap in comparison with price back home.


408 baht per pax


308 baht per pax. This set does not include beef.



Sauce and dipping station


Aroylicious kimchi, pickle and brocolli


Important basic ingredient for our ‘wrap’


Food overload day. Just first order


This is how you eat it


Dessert included, sliced toddy palm with milk, 55 baht