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Nam Pla Wan (น้ำปลาหวาน) fruit dips

In Thailand, you’ll find several types of fruit dips. Nam pla wan is a sticky dip that’s made of palm sugar, fish sauce, shallots, dried shrimp flakes, among other things. The addition of chilli is optional, but I do like my nam pla wan with it as it gives the additional good kick of heat.

I used to buy nam pla wan from BigC, and worship the ground of it. 

Until ………………………

D’s relatives heard about it. You know you are loved when aunts start making homemade stuffs, call your boyfriend and ask him to pick them up for you. Awwwww ….. Aunt Chai gave us homemade nam pla wan before, which we devoured in no time.

This time it’s Aunt Art’s turn. Aunt Art made one specially for us, a customized recipe according to our preference, such as shallots added after cooking (instead of during cooking process). How can we not love this sweet lady?

I get spoiled rotten here. Whatever I like, I get the best. How do you define the best? None other than ‘homemade with love!’

Cute jar container, just like Aunt Art



Powerful, full of kick!



Dippidy dip dip

Who doesn’t love a fresh nam pla wan that you can still smell the shallots, the dried shrimps and the fish sauce? Now its tug-of-war time for the aroylicious jar … it’s all mineeee!


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