Crab and Claw Is Seriously Overrated!

Crab and Claw didn’t fly with my Malaysia Marifriend (Malaysia Mari means came from Malaysia, a group of Malaysians based in Bangkok) and I. 

Yesterday was our first, and also our last visit.

Original incarnation in Philadelphia, serving New England-stуle seafood, which I admit that I know nothing much about it.


Still relatively empty at 6.30pm. A different story from 7ish onwards

This is one of the most talk-of-the-town restaurants in Bangkok now, ever since their opening in May 2015. On Thursday night, it was the only one restaurant packed to the brim at 7th floor, Helix Quartier of The Emquartier.


Display of seafood

So-insta worthy
I would probably attribute the crowd to Crab and Claw’s Insta-worthy deco and food. It ain’t difficult when their signature foods are lobsters and oysters, which always look awesome on photos, don’t they?

I didn’t snap many photos, as was dining with a friend. And probably because the food just didn’t live up to our expectations.

What we ordered:


New England Clam Boil

Small-and-not-fresh clammy

New England Clam Boil – clams, chorizo, potato and corn (400 baht). Small-and-not-fresh clammy, need to say anything more?

C&C Prawns
C&C Prawns – Prawns in Oldbay seasoning (650 baht). Disappointed with the not-so-fresh prawns.

Snow Crab Linguine
Snow Crab Linguine (not sure how much is the price). Salty. Very.

Fried calamari

Fried Calamari (160 baht). How can one get fried calamari wrong?


Lobster menu
Oldbay Seafood

Boils menu
Thank goodness that we didn’t order the lobsters and crabs. Didn’t look that good, judging from what I saw on the table next to us.

Thanks, Ken, for the treat.


Crab and Claw

The Emquartier, 7 fl, Helix Quartier. 020036233

Business Hours: 10.00am – 10.00pm

BTS Phrom Phong


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