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Community-based tourism: Explore Thailand and support local community with Local Alike 

Community Based Tourism  is tourism that takes environmental, social and cultural sustainability into account. It is managed and owned by the community, for the community. 

Community-based tourism is becoming more mainstream, a trend that seems to be taking off as more and more travelers understand and want to practice responsible tourism. Perhaps there were little interests in the past, or perhaps more of us want to give back to society nowadays? Or perhaps experiential is the new buzzword, experiential this, experiential that … experiential tourism, ala experiential marketing?

I am not sure if community-based tourism in Thailand and Malaysia is still at infancy stage. 

When I was in South Africa five years ago, it was already in place and they are also award-winning in global travel awards. Bulungula Lodge is a community-based-eco-village project in Nqileni Village. The local Xhosa community of Nqileni village owns a 40% stake in the lodge and is actively involved in running it.


Bulungula Lodge, Nqileni village, South Africa, 2009
Xhosa kids at Nqileni village near to Bulungula Lodge
Khunjulwa, local Xhosa guide
Occasional goats, cows and donkeys as your companion.

I chanced upon Local Alike few months back. Few days ago, they were featured by Tech in Asia. Local Alike partner with local villages in Thailand. I like what I read, so do support them if you are making a trip here. There’s only that much shopping and temple-hopping that one can do in Bangkok. Check out the local villages with Local Alike and make a difference !