Where Can We Get Coconut Shake In Bangkok?

Anywhere else got coconut shake in Bangkok besides Chatuchak?

Should I be flattered? Even though I have lived in Bangkok for 2 years, I ain’t no expert (in everything-Bangkok lah).

Coconut shake? I have no idea, man. I asked my bf instead. “Everywhere,” he replied.

This ain’t no help, so I did what everyone else would do in a situation like this …


Ask Google lah

Coconut Shake at Siam Square appeared in the top two search listing:

#1 – AroiMakMak here.

#2 – Coconut Shake Facebook page here 

Since I was heading to downtown for dinner, I stopped by at Siam Square just for this purpose .. to answer yet another (tourist) question.


Coconut Shake in a shop

I was looking for a stall, as shown in AroiMakMak, but they have since then moved to a proper shop. They have a steady stream of customers, so must be good lah.


A small lane of shops

Locating the stall was pretty easy.  Coconut Shake is located next to Digital Gateway @ Center Point of Siam Square. There is a row of shops in between Digital Gateway and Soi 3.


Lookout for green color shop




If you missed it, another landmark is Chester’s Grill, at Soi 3. Coconut Shake is located behind Chester’s Grill.


Convenient packaging!

The coconut shake is sold in a bottle, with straw inserted into punctured cap bottle. How convenient!

2 sizes – 350 ml (30 baht) and 500 ml (40 baht). You can choose with, or without milk to be added in the drink. I had mine without milk.

Is it good? Well .. I am not a fan of coconut shake .. so, it was a refreshing drink, and definitely better than the one I had at Talad Rot FAi. Worth checking out, if you are a coconut shake lover.



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