Coca-Cola Chicken Wings (可乐鸡翅)

We like to try new recipe at home once in a while. 

Only those who have never heard of Coca-Cola as a cooking ingredient raise an eyebrow at the idea. It’s nothing new really. You can find Coca-Cola chicken wings at Chinese restaurants in Malaysia, and also Hong Kong. Not sure about other countries, but perhaps also in Singapore!

It is a classic Chinese recipe using Coke which caramalises the chicken wings. The result is aroylicious chicken wings with a sweet & sticky glaze. The wings were first seared in a hot pan, then braised in coca-cola. The liquid reduced down to a syrup and made a beautiful glaze on the wings.

Why not Pepsi, or est / Big Cola (in Thailand) .. well, Coca-Cola is the king of Cola. So cooking with the best-of-the-best for the most aroylicious meal lah. 

Marinate with salt, ginger, chinese cooking wine


Boiling the Coca-cola with garlic, ginger, dried chili, chinese wine
Tada, my first Coca-cola chicken wings!

If you’re interested in trying it yourself, I followed the recipe from these two blogs: