Chokdee For Dimsum Fix In Bangkok

Beggars can’t be choosers, right?
Chinese foods are so much better in KL, meeting my standard is rather difficult here in Bangkok.

It took me many years to finally accept Chokdee Dimsum, for my dimsum fix in Bangkok.


Chokdee Dimsum @ Ladprao

There are good dimsum restaurants in Bangkok, but located far away from where I stay. Chokdee is located conveniently close, just across the street. A 24 hours chain restaurant, one can satisfy their hunger pangs at any time of the day or night. A so-so dimsum is better than nothing lah.

I gotta give two thumbs up for their good service.


He always order for us


Pick whatever that you like

It’s best to order at the counter, just point at whichever dimsum at the counter that tickles your fancy. The dimsums are uncooked, and are ‘steamed to order‘, and then brought to your table. Only costs 30 baht per plate.


Not a lot, right?


It wasn’t me ….


Vinegar and chili sauce dipping

On a lazy Monday afternoon, D and I ordered 13 bamboo trays + 2 plates of dim sums. 537 baht for the two of us.


Free lava buns, hooray!


Need to redeem a code and show to staff


I love lava buns, all for me

We also downloaded the Instant9 app, which gave us 2 free pieces of lava bun, with a minimum total bill of 400 baht.


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