Child Sitting Local Thai Kid in Bangkok

Child sitting is nothing new to me, having done it regularly with my nephews and nieces back home to get to know them better, and also to give their parents a break.

My nephews are now in their teens. Till now, they still reminisce the movie and makan (food) outings we had during their school holidays. Back then when they were younger, no matter how busy I was, I made the effort of taking time off to bring them out. It was a commitment I made, to be part of their lives. It never fail to amaze me that they still want to hang out with me now. It shows that I am still a pretty cool yiyi (aunt) that they are not embarassed to be seen hanging out together, huh ?

Today is my first time child-sitting a local Thai kid. Nong Beaw, a 9 years old girl, is Boom, my ex-colleague’s daughter. We met the first time in Dec 2014 when she came to our office during school holiday. For whatever reason, we clicked with each other from that first meeting.

I turned into sort of a part time voluntary English teacher, giving her English assignments through her mum. This arrangement continues even after I left my previous agency. I would e-mail her mum the assignments, and thereafter I’ll receive the completed assignments back the same way. Nong Beaw looks forward to these assignments, and will ask her mum for it. Her mum told me that she takes these assignments and the marks seriously.

Beaw is on school term break now. Since I am still in between jobs now, I decided to bring her out before I begin a new chapter of my career life. Blessed her mum for agreeing to it, for trusting me. ขอบคุณค่ะ, Boom.

Thailand Knowledge park or TK park is one of my favourite hangout place with kids in Bangkok. It’s a library built to promote creative learning through different types of media. It includes a Mind Room, a Music Library, an IT Library, an Auditorium, a Mini Theater, and a Sound Room. Most importantly, it has a superb Kid’s Library, a place where the children can read books sitting on cute animal-like seat, e.g. bee-hive seat and circle seat. 


Kid’s Library



TK park is located on the 8th floor of CentralWorld Shopping Plaza on Ratchadamri Road. The entrance is right behind the Central Food Hall and beside the SF World Cinema on the 7th floor. An escalator leads to TK park. 

TK park opens from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 am – 8 pm. One day pass costs 20 baht with 50 baht refundable card deposit, regardless of age. Beaw went in free today. Staff informed that they are having a promotion now, free entry for those up to 24 years of age.

There is also annual membership option. Two-tier pricing system applies here for Thai and foreigners. Local fee for 1-25 years of age is 100 baht and those of more than 25 years of age is 200 baht. For foreigners, the fee jacked up to 400 baht for all ages. 

Nong Beaw

Colouring sheets with colour pencils provided


What I did at the library .. reading Thai children book!


With Nong Beaw

The Kid’s Library is stocked up with good quality books in both English and Thai. That’s why there were a good mix of local and foreigner mums with their kids seen earlier at the library.

Child-sitting-learning-English, maybe it’s a new service that I can provide to Thai parents for their children, you reckon? Learn English with me and make rapid progress effective and enjoyable way. Good proposition?

For visiting parents, do bring your kids to TK park. The one day pass allows multiple entry, so you can come in and out; possible to mix shopping, food and library in one day!


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