Chatuchak Plant Market: A haven for plant lovers

I am not a huge fan of gardening, but bf is. Also, some readers stumbled upon my blog because of plant-related blog post. There was one reader who asked about Chatuchak Plant Market, that I know little about. Since my blog post does benefits plant lovers out there, why not a trip to the market, I thought. So off I went …

Chatuchak Weekend Market needs no introduction: a shopping haven for locals and tourists alike during weekends. Such a huge place would have gone to waste, if not for the Chatuchak Plant Market. I was told that they start setting up every Tuesday afternoons and will open till late evening on that day, and business hours are from 9AM-6PM every Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Since I ain’t no plant expert, I shall let the pictures do the talking ….


Getting to Chatuchak Plant Market

BTS Chatuchak Park or MRT Kamphaeng Phet, but MRT gives you direct access to the market.

MRT Kamphaeng Phet

MRT Kamphaeng Phet, exit 2

MRT Kamphaeng Phet, exit 2
Through the gate to Chatuchak Plant Market

Walk through the gate and you’ll arrive at Chatuchak Plant Market.


The Environment

I was there around noon on a Wednesday afternoon .. manageable crowd of mainly locals, and it was pleasant to walk around ..

Thai people love plants, I reckon .. they bought many.

Delivery service is provided

I noticed that delivery service is provided if you purchase lots; no reason for you to park haphazardly by the stall, causing congestion yo’.

Park at designated parking bays, not as you like please

Vehicles are allowed inside the market … and many shoppers choose to block traffic, than park-proper .. tsk.



Plant sculpture
Boncel, aka Snake Plant

I was curious about this “Boncel’ plant – according to Wikihow here, “the striping gives it the common name of “snake plant”. It is also called mothers-in-law tongue, perhaps because of the sharp point to the leaves.” Mother-in-law tongue .. ouch, that’s mean.

Red durian!

Interesting ‘red durian’ species … me want to eat .. nomnom.

Such a small olive tree
Flower galore
Lotus flower
Lotus flower

Prayer offerings



Plant – Orchid

Orchid stall
Orchid stall
Orchid plant roots

Here some orchid-specific stalls that I saw at Chatuchak Plant Market. Nothing interesting – perhaps Siam Orchid Center is a better bet for orchid lovers.


Plant – not the ‘real’ thing

Never a fan of artificial plants and flowers … but if you are, there are stalls selling them too.


Plant Accessories and others

Pot and accessories
Wood chips
Fertiliser tablets?
Wood tables and accessories



F&B available too ..



Fruit stalls
Durian, anyone?
Or how about mango?
Cheap-cheap banana and kaffir lime

There are fruits available at the market too.




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