Is Chatuchak Weekend Market Open on Friday?

After answering the question of “Is Chatuchak Market open during weekdays?“, here comes the next day-specific question: “Is it open on Friday?  Some people say that the Chatuchak Weekend Market starts operations on Friday itself.

Chatuchak Market
Chatuchak Market, Friday 6pm
Chatuchak Market, Friday 6pm
Chatuchak Market, Friday 7pm

Uh-hu … I’ve no idea. Around one month ago, I made a trip to Chatuchak Market on a Friday evening to find out the answer. Walking in at 6pm, there were signs of life: there were shoppers, both locals and foreigners alike.

Make way for trolley cart
Setting up stall
Workers unloading goods

Many stalls were in the midst of setting up, with workers unloading goods everywhere. Beware of trolley carts ..

Be careful with vehicles
Traffic congestion inside Chatuchak market
Traffic congestion inside Chatuchak market

.. and beware of vehicles too. During the weekends, the market is cleared of vehicles, but not on Friday evening. Whenever a vehicle stops to unload goods, it causes mini traffic congestion inside the market.

Many clothing stalls are open
Some stalls are doing brisk business
Some stalls are doing brisk business

As not all stalls are open for business – those ready were doing brisk business.

Shops are still closed
No signs of life
Partially open

Some areas, especially those with a proper shop lot were still quiet.

Dining option
Many coconut ice cream stalls
Same, but not the same coconut ice cream

Food stalls were opened, so afraid not of being hungry. My usual favorite coconut ice cream stall is closed, so I bought from one of the many coconut ice cream stalls. The taste is nowhere close to the original, sans coconut juice, and it was expensive 50 baht!

This website here shows the environment at 10pm.

Without any doubt, Chatuchak Weekend market during weekend is the best. That’s why it’s called Weekend market, right? But if you really have no choice, then late Friday evening is a viable option …



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