Personalized Wedding Caricature Portrait In Bangkok

Caricatures make unique presents, especially for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. It was my elder brother’s wedding – as an advocate of personalized gifts, I wanted to give the groom and bride a caricature artwork on their wedding day. Hunting for caricature artists in Bangkok, lo and behold, I stumbled upon Wadsod วาดสดเปลี่ยนคุณเป็นการ์ตูน at The Esplanade mall, at Ratchadapisek.

Wadsod caricature booth at The Esplanade
Wadsod caricature booth at The Esplanade
Wadsod – different art style of caricature artists

วาดสดเปลี่ยนคุณเป็นการ์ตูน = wad sod blean khun bpen kartun = live drawing turns you into a cartoon!  Wadsod’s location is always on the move – they were based at The Esplanade in June 2017, and now (November 2017) they are at The Walk Ratchapreuk and Siam Discovery. I was told that there are few artists on site, with different art styles / type of drawing techniques – so, customers choose one based on their preference.

Wadsod artist
Wadsod artist commissioned by moi
Wadsod chosen artist’s art style

When I was there around 11am, they were just setting up and only one out of four artists have arrived. The artist speaks good English, and showed me example of her works. As I was able to communicate well with her (in English) and wasn’t particular about art style, I decided to commission the custom portrait from her.

I briefed her that I wanted a wedding caricature drawn from photos – showed her the two photos of the couple on my mobile phone, and example of wedding caricatures. She took pictures of the two photos, using her mobile phone. I stressed upon that she has free hand in drawing – I am flexible whether it is full body or half body, color scheme, front-on portrait or side view, etc. Full payment upfront, and was told that it’ll take around 1.5 hours .. so, I waited at a nearby cafe.

Wadsod caricature booth at The Esplanade
Wadsod caricature booth at The Esplanade
Artist drawing caricature

1.5 hours later, and the artist was still working on the artwork. It’s better not to rush the work, so I walked around for a bit. It took her 1/2 hour more, and by then, there were many customers waiting. So, do turn up early for less-harassed artists/works. I was satisfied with the work – my brother looked totally different (more dashing looking), but his wife bears some resemblance to her actual self.

Wadsod – Caricature drawing price

It costs me 749 baht for a 6’x8′ drawing (including FOC photo frame). I was given the option of choosing different type of photo frames, at additional cost (270-290 baht), but I did not take up the option. As the price leaflet is in Thai – few things to highlight: (1) Only one person is allowed for size 3’x4′ (2) They charge additional by no of persons .. furthest right column indicates no of person (3) Bottom right lists down the price of different type of photo frame

Other type of products include notebook

They also have different type of products – such as notebook (100-200 baht each), etc. Caricature drawing fee applies on top of the product price. Example: 4’x6′ notebook costs 200 baht each + 399 baht (2 persons) = 599 baht per notebook.

If you are interested to engage them for caricature works, do check out their Facebook or Line account @wadsod, for their whereabout.



Wadsod วาดสดเปลี่ยนคุณเป็นการ์ตูน
Tel: 089-1559049 / 061-6104963
Line: @wadsod


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