All About The Burgers. Bun. Meat. Cheese.

Bun. Meat. Cheese. Those are the basic burger ingredients. If you’re a burger fanatic, the frills are your least concern.

I heard about Homeburg while searching for burger joint in Bangkok – that elusive burgers serve with limited portions, pay as you like … and then they ceased. Dang.

So, was ecstatic seeing from their Instagram page that they open at Courtyard 72, at Thong Lo … it was reported that it’s not exactly the same, but they use the same soft Japanese bun, same treatment to the patty, etc ..

Colleague told me that a friend went – same order, but different results – one nice, and the other one not. The curiosity won over my scepticism, and off bf and I gave it a go.

380 baht is not that expensive if it’s a good damn burger. The signature burger “Homeburg Prototype #1” is designed with Thai’s tastebud in mind, sweet and sour, staff told us. It has lemon syrup bacon, double American cheese, diced pickled jalapenos and homerburg sauce.

It’s nice … nicer than the basic beef patty version (320 baht) with crunchy bacon (30 baht) and pickled jalapenos (20 baht) add-on toppings. We were told that the basic version if all you want is just the “no frills” version, to be able to taste the meat itself.

Their patty is cooked to medium-rare, and we like how it’s cooked.

Even though the burger is good, the slight incovenient of no direct BTS/MRT access is a hindrance. If you’re a burger lover, do give it a try …

Bun Cheese and Meat by Homeburg
1/F, 72 Courtyard, 72 Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thonglor), Bangkok
BTS Thonglor, and continue with taxi (2km away)
Opening Hours : TUE-SUN, 5PM – 1AM
Facebook :


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