BTS Breakdown Causes Chaos In Bangkok

Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) service is disrupted since this morning. I found out via bf at 9.54am.


BTS Mo Chit station this morning


Crowded station

I find that BTS breakdown is more frequent than MRT. Safe old MRT is more reliable for my daily commute in Bangkok.


Packed like sardines

Twitter news feed was flooded with news of crowded stations and stranded commuters, due to technical problems of BTS Sukhumvit line, specifically between Chidlom and Siam station.


Huh? Passengers has changed train at Siam, or have to change train at Siam?
BTS’s official twitter account usually tweets in Thai language. Kudos to BTS for the rare English tweets, though I struggled with their intended message. There were only two tweets in English, and subsequently, all tweets in Thai again. Foreigners were also complaining about the lack of English announcement at stations … Welcome to my world, man. Welcome to Thailand.

To be fair, BTS is usually okay … but on the rare occasions there is a breakdown, all hell breaks loose. This shows the importance of BTS!

I thought that Richard Barrow (a British blogger, based in Thailand) did an excellent job, and I can always rely on his updates. He even tweeted the consequences: Uber capitalizing on the BTS breakdown, GrabBike’s promotion and as expected, congested MRT stations, etc. etc. he has been updating throughout the day. Thanks so much, Richard!


Increased Uber fare


Kudos GrabBike! (Morning)
Another promo from Grab
Another promo from Grab (evening)

Packed MRT too
As BTS will only be doing repairing work tonight, all the best to all evening commuters! And let’s hope all is fine and dandy tomorrow.


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