Bang Saen | A short getaway from Bangkok for fresh and cheap seafood


Blue, blue sky driving out of Bangkok

 Bang Saen is one of the closest beach getaway from Bangkok, approximately 100km or so. Just one and a hours drive from Bangkok, depending on traffic. It is also the place we normally head to, for cheap and fresh seafood.

There are few popular restaurants in Bang Saen. We used to frequent Wangmuk, but our last visit was the last straw. Service sucks and super slooooooww. We had to chase after our orders. Enough is enough. We have officially boycott them.

Whilst D was driving, he asked me to check  / search for alternative restaurants in Bang Saen. But there wasn’t much information in English. Sigh. Welcome to my life in Thailand. 


Highly recommended online, but we didn’t try it

 D then found one restaurant, highly recommended. He made a call to his uncle, who is a local there, and was told that it is expensive and food is so-so.


Mongkol Farm

Cheap dining by the sea

 Mongkol Farm was suggested by Uncle Chai, so we headed to this restaurant by the beach. There were many people waiting for table, but it was a short wait for our turn. I like their queue system, just give them your name and no of pax. Voila, they will give you your queue number .. just wait for them to call you. Easy peasy.


Steamed fish with lime


Somtum bpu

  We paid THB 905 for our half kilo steamed flower crab (THB 350), steamed fish with lime (THB 420) and somtum bpu (THB 70).


Aroy dee

 We also ordered homok (ala Malaysia’s otak otak) (20 baht each) and nam tam sod (fresh palm drink) (50 baht per bottle).


Only in Thailand

 And don’t worry about your car (that is if you drive), it’s ‘well-protected’ with THB 10 tip.

Mongkol Farm

Angsila, Chonburi, Thai, 20130

Tel: 081-399 3833


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